Thursday, February 27, 2020

Demonstrate where you have advocated on behalp of a service user with Essay

Demonstrate where you have advocated on behalp of a service user with any disabilities - Essay Example It advocates a support system that empowers the people with disability with informed choice so that they can opt for best possible care that meets their individual requirement. These are critical imperatives that are greatly facilitated by the intervention of social workers who become major linkages for the people with disability to access the facilities. Healthcare providers like nurse, physicians and their assistants, social service professionals assess client’s life in detail for correct diagnosis, line of treatment, type of intervention etc. for best service delivery. Appropriate linkages are provided to the client to meet his/her assessed need. Social workers for advocacy are common linkages that help recipients to help personalize their care. Advocacy for the case would be discussed. The client X was a refugee who was bed ridden after a car accident in which her lower part of body had got paralyzed. She was from different ethnic group and neither spoke nor understood English. The client wished for direct payments as she was dissatisfied with the current level of services as provided by the council and social work department. She had identified one of her friend as her personal assistant. As a social work student, currently on placement at a local council, I have advocated on behalf of client X. As I am dealing with the direct payment and personal budget, her case comes under my purview and, therefore, I have volunteered to advocate her case. Advocacy is a vital concept in social work. It promotes understanding for the requisite physical and emotional support, intrinsic to the welfare of the disabled person. As advocate, it was hugely important for me to empower my client with relevant information regarding direct payment and for employing a personal assistant of her choice. Hence, my work as advocate/facilitator involved myriad functions conforming under the strict guidelines and processes of

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